I Eat! Yo Como!

Many people consider Memorial Day the start of summer and barbecuing season. I am thankful for those who have risked life and limb for liberties for those abroad and for us here in America. I have fond memories of my Dad, who showed absolutely NO shame when it came to crashing gatherings.

There wasn’t a plate he passed by that he didn’t like. He was so good at asking for food that he did it in English and Spanish. This is dedicated to my Dad, who always found his way to the cook. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get up the nerve to ask for a plate. Maybe next time.

Printer’s Row 2014 #dontfalloutwiththecook

Goodbye Ms./Mr. Tibbs

Goodbye Ms./Mr. Tibbs

Yes, it’s that time of year again, where teachers fully engage in the countdown. You know what that means; graduations, updating records, closing year activities, etc.

For some, this may be their final year of teaching because they have been forced out, due to political reasons. Carefully read the cartoon caption, because it expresses what occurs in the lives of many teachers.

I say go out strong; go out with style. Sing your swan song! Allow me to offer a few devious suggestions, inspired by news reports and my father, who always encouraged a good prank.

Bring a non-poisonous snake to school, and let it slither in that colleague’s room who never pulled their weight all school year. A scare gets the heart rate up, and you can say you were helping them get some exercise.

Let out a few strategically placed stink bombs throughout the school. You can always say you were helping to increase the rate of speed it takes to exit the school in the unlikely event of a drill.

Rig the principal’s office door so that confetti falls down. After all, someone should celebrate an increased test score, even if it was at the expense of the staff.

Last, but certainly not least, enlist the help of some friends who live in rural areas. Why? I read where students shut a school down temporarily, because they let a slew of chickens run amok in the school. How they managed to get it done without the chickens clucking shows the power of creative planning and thinking. That should solve the school lunch problem of “mystery” meat. It’s fresh, and it’s delivered right to the school’s door.

Though society might not appreciate you, just know that at least I do. You are leaving your mark. You might as well have a little fun while doing so. Hee hee hee!

Most of us know parents are our first te

Most of us know parents are our first teachers. By the time children get to school, they’ve been indoctrinated in love or hate, kindness or meanness, integrity or deviousness. This is an excerpt from my dad’s poetry collection, “Don’t Fall Out With the Cook!”

Where Is Truth?
In court he raised his hand to tell the truth;
Soon lies began dropping from from his tooth…
Folk will look you dead in the eye,
And say if I’m lying I hope to die.

When things happened, Wilburn Carlos wrote about it. What were you taught as a child?

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

First, I would like to thank all of those who read my post two weeks ago. If I had $20 million in my budget for schools, I can assure you, I would not be spending it on condoms, like CPS is doing. They close 50 schools to save money for this? We are truly in distress (hence the mayday words) in this country when faculty and staff can be discarded like yesterday’s trash. Here are some issues the media is likely to gloss over in favor of more sensationalist bylines.

  • School closings, charter schools, turnaround schools
  • Fired school staff
  • Misappropriated funds
  • Blind leaders

When the third largest school district in the country decimates people’s livelihood, sense of calm and instructional decisions for mostly children of color, it reveals the board members’ true mission. I liken the recent poor decision making to Sweeney Todd. Look it up; the plight of our children is as equally gruesome.

Firing everyone in a school for the purposes of “turning it around” is idiocy at its best. Do you know what happens when you put clean clothes on a dirty person? The new clothes soon begin to smell, and it isn’t long before the clothes look run of the mill. Until the city of Chicago, its leaders, clergy and everyone who is experiencing severe discomfort economically, physically and emotionally can address the problems at the root, we are merely changing dance partners. The problem is, the same song is playing.

I have a hard time believing this tale of woe regarding shrinking budgets. If the state is offering to put up $100 million for a presidential library, there is money somewhere. Chicago makes a nice sum of money when movies and television shows film here. What we have is a misappropriation of funds. Finding them to finance worthy projects is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Our leaders have led thousands of us in a ditch (Which isn’t hard to do with with these incessant potholes!), due to having a cloudy lens to view from. Anytime decisions that affect massive amounts of people do more harm than good, I have a newsflash. The problem hasn’t been solved! As the late Will Rogers said, “If stupidity got us into this mess, why can’t it get us out?”

As always, your comments are welcome.