Now that Summer’s Over…(Part II)

Summer vacation ended for students in 243 of 578 schools in CPS Sunday, August 12th. Students in Track E started Monday, August 13th. These schools are going to be the first to engage student learning in an environment of a longer school day. In theory, students will gain an additional 100 minutes of instruction. How that time will actually be spent is open to interpretation. What is often overlooked (often is such an understatement) is what is needed to prepare a child for the learning process. “We had ’em, and you take of ’em” is an approach that is socially irresponsible, and leads to many of the challenges our society at large is encountering.

I interviewed a veteran teacher who gave her perspective on education. I think it’s quite revealing. Society continues to put most of the responsibility of learning on teachers; that is utter madness. Listen to the brief interview of this veteran teacher AND parent to gain insight as to the challenges of teaching today’s child. As always, your comments are appreciated.


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