Education, Chicago-Style

Chicago has been steeped in controversy almost since it was first settled by Jean Baptiste Point DuSable. Here are a few people that helped shaped and are currently shaping the culture of education in “my kind of town:”

Mayor Richard J. Daley

The late, the great, the incomparable Mayor Richard J. Daley. Infamous for his iron-wielding political hand, he also did a fabulous job of keeping schools and educational opportunities segregated for children of color for decades. What a legacy…aren’t you proud?

Mayor Harold Washington

Mayor Harold Washington actually made it fashionable for African-American children to use multi-syllable words other than slang, Ebonics, or more commonly, non-standard English. Hey, I’m black, so I can say it.

It would be nice for our Secretary of Education (with no teaching experience, of course) to stop bullying teachers. If it’s not okay for kids, why is it okay for you? Encouraging school districts to fire teachers en masse is not, I repeat, not effective school reform.

Pending Teacher’s Strike

I haven’t seen this much tenacity for CPS teachers since the late Chicago Teacher’s Union president, Jacqueline Vaughn. I sincerely hope Ms. Karen Lewis will be able to positively effect change for the hiring and retention of good teachers. They deserve it, and especially, so do our children.

I sincerely thank everyone who subscribes to my blog; it really means a lot to me. For years, I have had many concerns about how children are educated in my city, particularly the poor and children of color. If there is an education topic you would like me to write about, please suggest it. I would enjoy your feedback. Thank you.

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