Today’s Lesson is…Humor.

In an effort to shamelessly promote my new eBook, I decided to have a little fun. The issues we are facing in education are real, seemingly daunting and of course, high pressure. To add a little humor to a sometimes difficult day, I would like to show the contrast of other people’s perception of educators, and our own conceptions. Enjoy!

During the school year, this is our perspective of our hard work.


However, parents, administrators or society might not quite see it this way.

School districts seek bright, dedicated teachers.


What they sometimes get, however may be a little different.


Parents send their children to school with the expectation of learning.


What those same darlings thought of the lesson that took us weeks to prepare.


In the eyes of others, we take great joy in grading papers.

In our eyes, we tell you to get your eyes checked.


They told you they had to study for a test, and blamed us.

What they were actually studying.

It’s all in the perspective.



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