Eyes Playing Me False

In this and other depressing news, CPS is going to eliminate more staff positions to help reduce the budget deficit it is facing.While this is a logical choice in terms of financial ledgers, it is a destructive choice for Chicago’s students and families. 

Who Thinks of This Stuff?

“Neighborhood watch” persons are being hired to ensure safe passage for students to their new destinations. Hired denotes someone is getting paid. Idiocy demands spending resources hiring several new people instead of offering recently fired personnel some form of employment.

Class sizes will naturally increase, because CPS can’t afford to hire the proper amount of teachers to have manageable class sizes. I recall a teacher stating she had 38 first graders in her classroom, before the massive school closings, Imagewith no teacher aide. I am certain this story will be repeated across “particular” neighborhoods. 

Since CPS can’t afford personnel, it is a sure bet that instructional materials will somehow be reduced. I hope principals are magicians, because they are going to have to pull a lot of things out of their hats. Things like books, paper, AV projector bulbs. Hey, does anyone know where all the equipment from the closed schools is going? Given the firing of so many staff, I wouldn’t be surprised if equipment “fell off the truck.”

Climate Change

I’m not talking atmospheric; I’m talking changes in culture and environments in schools. This is a daunting task, and it is quite unfortunate the Mayor Emanuel has selected Board personnel with no emotional attachments to the City of Chicago. Several of them were only moderately effective in their own districts, and now they are in Chicago, cutting the jugular vein of many communities. It is hard to have empathy for a community when you are hired to do be a reductionist. 

There is a silver lining in this storm cloud, however. Creativity and resilience often manifests itself when a demand is placed on it. Those remaining teachers and staff will somehow help students transition into a school year full of promise. I earnestly expect some genuine success stories from this ongoing saga. 

Either that, or educators might consider a second career in entertainment; namely juggling.


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