3 Steps to a Fulfilling 2013-2014 School Year

My Esteemed Friends and Colleagues:

We’re entering another school year; think of it, this the 2013-2014 academic school year. You should ask yourself, “What’s going to be different this year?” That depends entirely on you. With the landscape of education rapidly changing, I can almost guarantee there will be constant adjustments, bumps and refinements along the way.

I’ll give you three quick tips to stay grounded among all the flurry of activity surrounding your new year. This is listed in my upcoming book, “Achieving Fulfillment in Education,” which will be released later this month.

1.  Confidence – add to it daily. Know you are here to make a difference in the lives’ of those you choose to work with, work for, and around. Walk in your purpose, and do not let anyone, anything, or any system deter you from your calling.

2.  Knowledge – Even the great and powerful OZ had some weaknesses. Know yours, and offset them with continual learning, observation and application. You’ll thank yourself, by reducing your level of frustration. Students will thank you because you will have reduced their level of frustration.

3.  Self-control – A person that can control their emotions is stronger than a person that can take a city. Your students might be younger, but you can out-strategize them on any given day; so do it.



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