I Have No Idea

The other day I had the pleasure of talking with some high school seniors who attend a charter school on Chicago’s south side.

Naturally, they were excited about graduating and moving to the next phase of their lives. What struck me as interesting was that no one out of the three could definitively say what they wanted to major in.

They had no idea. Upon further discussion, I found out they had several interests. As you know, you can’t major in “interests.” People that do that are usually called career students.

Out of the three, no one could give me their top three institutions they wanted to attend. One person knows they should attend an accredited school with a good reputation.

The other two had no idea. Now I’m curious. How many young people aspire to be college educated, experience academe and make their mark in this world…in a good way?

Who’s talking to them about preparation for college? Not just financially, but socially and academically. Honestly, I have no idea.


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