“Think about it. All the effort that went into this.” I couldn’t find a statement more apropos than this to describe perceptions of charter schools. For various reasons, public school education has endured major hits that has rendered it nearly punch-drunk. Public education has endured massive teacher-layoffs in high-need areas, demonizing of unions, apocalyptic-like funding and scapegoating of teachers.

Charter schools on the other hand, is public education’s answer. Their teachers work longer hours, they have greater accountability, classroom management is better, their students outperform students from traditional public schools, and they can do all of this successfully without a union.

Right…and I’ve got a vintage tea set from Eleanor Roosevelt. The reason charter schools are purported to do so well, is because just like the strings propping up Mr. Jerome Williams, the strings of the media, corporate interests and public perception prop up the misconceptions of the advancements of charter schools.

Charter Schools have high teacher turnover rates; only %17 of their schools outperform public schools. This means the rest are doing about the same or worse than public schools. Charter schools can be more selective about enrollment unlike public schools; they often have to take what they can get.

As long as people, and especially parents are not fully informed as to what a “good education” looks like, they’ll believe anything they’re told. In the meantime, if anyone wants to discuss this, let’s have tea. “Think about it. A lot of effort goes into this…”

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