No Respect

I liked Rodney Dangerfield. He was fun, witty, and had a really cool song tj ay had a tag line that ended in the phrase,  “no respect.”

Tonight, I witnessed that song in action. The Chicago police raided a house without a search warrant. The city’s finest threatened to blow the head (or face) off of a 10 year-old. Officers who show concern for certain groups of people shot and killed two dogs deliberately. CPD mercilessly beat a young man who took offence to them saying extremely nasty and disrespectful things about an adult female.

But wait, there’s more…they proceeded to call the inhabitants of this house coons and the n-word. In this day of enlightenment, college-educated men who took an oath to serve and protect obviously meant that for other people. Apparently, Blacks in certain zipcodes get no respect. Some of us are still viewed as low. Small wonder why so many Blacks distrust the police. Many times they’re cruel and insensitive.


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